Dato' Misbun Sidek

This blog is actually created in order to introduce  one of our Malaysian outstanding personnel , Datuk Misbun Dato' Sidek. He is well known as Bun as he is one of Malaysian former badminton player who rated among world's leading men's singles players in 1980s. He was born on February 17,1960, in Banting, Selangor.He is the eldest of the famous six Sidek brothers, all of whom were actively involved in international badminton scene. He's also well known as "giant killer" who, at his best, could defeat any top player of his era. 

His father, Datuk Sidek has imagined that his children will be badminton aces starting with his first son, Misbun. At the age of seven in 1967, Misbun had seriously begun trained by his father at the badminton court in front of their house in Kampung Kanchong Darat, Banting, Selangor.

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